ActiveAir Energy Savings Opportunities

When utilizing ActiveAir’s cold plasma bi-polar ionization technology to ensure that
indoor air quality standards are met, you allow for the reduction of energy costs by:
Altering outside air flow to meet the ASHRAE 62.1 minimum ventilation rate standards.
Using the ASHRAE IAQ procedure to achieve even lower than the 62.1 ventilation rate standards.
Utilizing less expensive and less restrictive air filters

Further reductions in ventilation rates, when utilizing the ASHRAE IAQ procedure, will allow for:
      • Potential reduction in capital costs in equipment sizing, system design and engineering.
    • Lower operating costs through energy reduction by not conditioning as much untreated outside air.
Ionization creates larger air particles through improved particle agglomeration and thus allows for less restrictive, less expensive filters, reducing the energy required to force air through a system.
Improved air quality and interior environment. Less distracting odors and irritating VOC’s.
The equipment’s low energy consumption (a 3,000 cfm capacity unit operates on 5 watts) does not increase static pressure in duct systems.
There is no energy penalty by applying our ActiveAir cold plasma bi-polar ionization technology.
Simple installation or retro-fit and requires no need for re-engineering of existing mechanical systems.

Stadiums, Arenas and other large assembly venues
Commercial, Office Buildings, Hotels/Hospitality, and Industrial Facilities
Structures built prior to ASHRAE 62.1 which cannot conform to the current ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards.
To Download the AAS Energy Savings Flyer, click here.
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